Wet Scrubbers

APCINFRA specialises in wet scrubber solutions for all gaseous pollutants. High or low pressure, we deliver complete solutions including all rrocess control instrumentation and requirements.


APCINFRA has a specialised range of Wet Scrubbers for Acid Gas/Mist applications. Our specialised systems are suitable for removing suspended liquids from the air.

Our scrubbers maximise the gas liquid contact area whilst minimising the pressure drop through the scrubber. Therefore, we carefully consider what type of liquid is required to be removed, before providing customers with the optimal solution. We offer:

  • Impingement Plate Scrubbers;
  • Packed Bed Scrubbers;
  • Venturi Scrubbers;
  • Counter Flow Fume Scrubbers;


  • Custom designed for individual requirements
  • Careful selection of proven technology, balanced with innovation;
  • Independent engineering verification completed as required;
  • Delivered anywhere in the world;


The following are examples of applications for wet scrubbers

  • Crushed Rock Dust;
  • Crushers;
  • Screens;
  • Processing;
  • Copper Whining;
  • Acid Gas/Fume Management;