The following details illustrate the wide range of expertise and industry experience that APCINFRA brings to every air pollution control project.

Food processing

Acoustic Enclosures

Location: Bentley, WA
Client: Weston Milling

Weston Milling has been milling grain and selling baking ingredients throughout Australia for over 80 years. The company was looking to increase factory throughput, which required increasing the [...]

Food processing

Grain Processing

Location: Leeton, New South Wales
Client: SunRice

SunRice is one of Australia’s leading rice and food exporters. At their Leeton manufacturing plant, varieties of rice go through a milling process where the husk, bran and germ are removed [...]

Industrial & manufacturing

Grain Handling

Location: Port Facilities
Client: Confidential

A client within the grain industry was suffering from a problem that significantly affected the quality of their product as it was loaded onto cargo vessels. A number of solutions had been [...]

Chemical & pharmaceutical

Fire Assaying

Location: WA Goldfields
Client: Red Pepper Mining

Fire assaying is a laboratory technique that uses a combination of intense heat produced by a furnace, together with dry reagents called fluxes, to isolate and measure the amount of a precious [...]

Government, defence & education

Dust & Fume Extraction

Location: Confidential
Client: Defence Sector

This client, a major defense contractor, was facing a challenge involving fume and dust extraction as it attempted to implement a major infrastructure upgrade which was critical to increasing [...]

Minerals & energy

Acid Gas Control

Location: Kazakhstan
Client: KAZ Minerals

KAZ Minerals is a high growth copper company focused on large scale open pit mining in Kazakhstan. One stage in the production process that creates highly acidic gas mist. This was causing [...]

Minerals & energy

Dust Collection

Location: WA Goldfields
Client: Gold Mine Operator

APCINFRA were requested to complete a routine inspection and service dust collectors at a new customers processing plant. We identified a number of collectors had reached their economic life. As [...]